Central Heating

Hunt Heating specialises in central heating systems for domestic properties. All of our engineers are Gas Safe engineers specialist in their chosen field, There are a number of boiler systems that you can choose from Click here to see product information.

Combi Boiler

The Combi boiler combines all of the components of a conventional boiler into one system – a form of condensing boiler.

The advantages of such a system are:

  • This system supplies hot water on demand
  • The central heating system works through this system
  • These are the most popular boiler type
  • Combi boilers heat the water direct from the supply
  • Can be more energy efficient than other boiler types
  • Do not require storage space
  • Eliminates the heat loss process that you would find with regular copper cylinder system (Traditional heating systems store heated water in a copper cylinder situated within an airing cupboard within the property)

The disadvantages:

  • The water flow can be less efficient than a cylinder system
  • This system works particularly well in small domestic homes. This system is not ideal for a large home with more than one bathroom.

System Name

This system is in two parts and consists of a boiler and a water cylinder. The advantages of such a system are:

  • There is more water stored which increases the flow to taps
  • Through the right installation hot water is available at will
  • An efficient system suitable for large homes with more than one bathroom

The disadvantages:

  • A pump will be required for high pressured showers
  • The cylinder will require storage space
  • Pipe work in the loft area are more likely to freeze

System Name

This system enables users to access high pressure water to several taps at any one given time. The advantages of the system are:

  • No need for water storage tanks in the loft
  • High pressure shower – no additional pump required
  • This system is suitable for all

The disadvantages:

  • This option can prove to be the most expensive
  • A water pressure test will be required