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How to protect your central heating system and boiler with Magnaclean

Magnaclean on Valliant boilerWhy your boiler becomes inefficient?

When first installed a new central heating system normally consists a new boiler, radiators, pipe-work and an easy to use thermostat to control your heating system. Some years later problems start arising particularly at this time of the year, when you go to switch your boiler on for the first time for the winter. In most cases, after some time radiators have dis-colored and the pipework has now filled with a thick, black sludge that you can’t see.

This black sludge is typically know as iron oxide which is mainly ‘rust’ that has broken or fallen away from the inside of the radiators or other components of the your central heating system.  The effect of this is no different to you or I have a bad diet of fatty foods, it makes things far less efficient and shortens the life expectancy. As with most things in life prevention is better than cure, however, in both cases there are things that can be done to solve these issues.

Adding an Inhibitor to your system

The first thing to do is to add an Inhibitor to your system this prevents the metal in your central system from rusting in the first place. It does this is by coating the surface of the metal and stops it from reacting with anything else. Inhibitors are manufactured by companies such as Fernox and Sentinel

Removing the sludge for your system with Magnaclean

The second thing to do is remove the sludge from your central heating system. This sludge is a mix of metal oxides, it is magnetic; a fact that most people had known for as long as Central Heating systems had been around. However, like with most things in life, the simple ideas are always the best, it was only recently that Adey Ltd came up with a gadget for removing this magnetic sludge, which they called the “Magnaclean”. 

What does Magnaclean do?

As the name suggests, this ingenues idea, is simply a magnet that sits in your Central Heating system and cleans the water that runs past it by making all the metal oxides stick to the magnet. When the magnet is completely covered you just take it out, clean it and put it back in again.

Of course the Magnaclean does not stop your system rusting away, it merely reduces the damage caused by this rust; so you need to use an “inhibitor” as well. Ah, some of you may be saying, if I’m using inhibitor I won’t be getting any sludge, so I don’t need a Magnaclean!

Absolutely right, but how do you know if you have enough inhibitor in your system? At the very least you could look upon the magnaclean as a window into the health of your central heating system.

How can it benefit you?

MagnaClean Professional is a proven, high efficiency, full-flow magnetic filter designed to tackle all central heating systems removing virtually 100% of the suspended black iron oxide.  The benefits of this 

  • Reduces ongoing maintenance and heating energy costs
  • Improves your central heating and boiler efficiency 
  • Reduces carbon emissions carbon emissions 
  • Provides immediate results and system protection following installation
  • No ongoing running costs
  • Long operational life AND guaranteed for TWO years

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