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I’ve switched boiler on for the first time and its not working

My boiler isn’t working!

During September & October we’re finding this is the most common problem homeowners are having at the moment. With an unpredictable winter on the way the last thing most homeowners want is to switch on the central heating and fine the boiler isn’t working. At that particular moment there is nothing more frustrating and sometimes costly for your boiler to go on the blink! our advice is to be aware of costly call out or emergency charges. Our recommendation is always ask the engineer or company to explain how they charge for the services they provide before you call them out or they start working on your boiler or any of your gas appliances.

Amongst problems with boiler breakdowns and servicing we are also seeing a lot of people across Coventry & Warwickshire asking for advice on the following Central Heating, Gas and Underfloor subjects. We thought we’d give some of those visitors some advice on these areas, what to look out for and where we can help you.

  1. Central Heating Services Coventry
  2. Valliant Boilers Coventry
  3. Best Combination boiler 2011
  4. Boiler Installation Coventry
  5. Gas Engineer Coventry, Leamington Spa
  6. Heating and Ventilation Coventry
  7. Pressure relief pipe installation
  8. Underfloor Heating Engineers Warwickshire
  9. Replace open vent boiler with combi boiler
  10. Best Valliant boiler for me

If there is anything else you would like advice on please either contact us or comment below. We’d be happy to hear from you and if its something we don’t specialise in we can point you in the right direction.




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