Power Flushing

Would Power Flushing solve this….

Maintain your Central Heating System – otherwise this could happen!


Not maintaining your central heating system pipework can lead to serious damage to your boiler and radiators.

Some of the symptoms are;

  • The boiler or pump is noisy
  • Combi boiler blocked heat exchanger,
  • Reduced hot water temperature
  • Boiler overheats
  • The radiators have cold spots or not working
  • Radiators take a long to warm up
  • Radiators need regular bleeding of accumulated air
  • Evidence of sludge and rust in the system
  • Pump failures

All this can be reduced with a powerflush and restore your heating system to the efficient system it should be. See our Powerflushing services here

Boiler Services

How not to install a pressure relief pipe


Boiler Breakdown Services in Coventry

On being called out to a Ariston boiler breakdown in the Coventry area, we came across a novel way someone has connected the pressure relief pipe, in addition to this the outer casing was stuck on with tape. They had used a ‘Garden Hose’ to connect two copper pipes. This is surely a case for Rogue Traders!!!

Coventry & Warwickshire Homeowners

Coventry and Warwickshire homeowners please make sure you use a gas safe registered engineer. Look at our Gas Safe Engineer Tips or contact us for Advice